Technology for Medical Devices

Medical device software design and development raise many technology challenges. It involves a long journey of regulated processes, solid approaches to quality management and strong operations procedures.

DataArt has worked on multiple healthcare projects. We understand that working in the healthcare space is a privilege as well as a huge responsibility. Being part of an ecosystem that ultimately impacts patient care is considered carefully in our work with our healthcare clients. We are proud to be part of the changing face of healthcare and contribute to improving patient outcomes.

We help deliver outstanding products and have expertise in:

  • Wearable Technology Integration
  • Medical Equipment Integration
  • Connected Healthcare Delivery
  • Mobile App Development
  • 3D Printing for Medical Applications
  • Legal Assistance and Support

DataArt possesses a deep understanding of the overall landscape and ecosystem alongside the technology.

We help medical device manufacturers in strict alignment with an established quality management system at every project stage:

  • Planning and Defining Essential Performance Indicators
  • Software Development using Waterfall or Agile Development Processes
  • Software Verification and Validation
  • Maintenance and Technical Support

Our experience demonstrates that working with a technical partner is vital to a medical device company implementing a technology project or solution.

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