Patient Portals

Increase Patient Satisfaction

While a patient portal may not necessarily be a separate solution in itself, it is certainly an essential part of a larger system, like an EHR or a LIMS. With a portal in place, patients can take a more active role in relation to their health, check their lab results, ask for prescription refills and more. With the help of a patient portal, patients can share their medical data with a physician or print out all relevant medical data when preparing for a doctor’s appointment.

However, a patient portal goes beyond these benefits. In the US, implementing a patient portal is among the required core objectives for Meaningful Use Stage 2. Without a portal, hospitals cannot qualify for incentive payments. In the UK, the government insists that general practices make records available to patients and encourage them to access these records more actively.

DataArt is experienced in building user-friendly patient portals with rich functionality. Our experts incorporate the latest achievements in usability and cybersecurity to deliver the solutions that best fit your practice’s needs.

To make a patient portal even more efficient, you can integrate it with personal health records like Microsoft HealthVault and Apple HealthKit and synchronize patients’ updates between the platforms and your patient portal. This can make all of a patient’s information available at the time of the appointment, improve diagnostic accuracy and make your patients happier. We can make this happen. The DataArt team is familiar with the HealthKit API and has helped the Next of Kin Registry (NOKR) to integrate with MS HealthVault to seamlessly and automatically connect updates between the two databases.

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