Laboratory Informatics

Custom Software Solutions to Suit Your Lab’s Needs

Every laboratory, regardless of size or scope, faces a number of operational challenges. The number of technological solutions on the market is growing at an astounding pace and yet an out-of-the-box solution is unlikely to satisfy all of your needs at once.

While some of the challenges are common to most laboratories and research centers, others are very specific and require a customized approach. Our knowledge and experience enable us to build LIMSs for anatomic pathology and clinical pathology laboratories and blood banks, as well as for various kinds of lab tests including microbiology, clinical biochemistry, cytopathology, cytogenetic, and molecular genetics.

Why is a Custom LIMS More Efficient?

While buying an out-of-the-box LIMS might seem like a quick and easy solution, in reality such a LIMS either doesn’t have sufficient functionality to fully meet your requirements, or is too bulky and sophisticated, and therefore not user friendly. With a ready-to-go LIMS you spend money on features that you don’t need and on the support services necessary to customize the system to meet your specifications.

With a custom solution, the system is developed with your business needs and operational challenges in mind. A custom LIMS will:

  • thoroughly support your lab’s workflow,
  • integrate with your other specific software solutions,
  • integrate with your hardware and lab instruments,
  • integrate with specific 3rd-party electronic systems,
  • be built at a reasonable cost.

Such a LIMS can fully automate your lab workflow & research process while offering flexibility & customization to fit your proprietary methodology, if any.

A tailored LIMS is a great choice for those who want maximum value for their money.

Software and Hardware Integration

We provide integration services to ensure that your LIMS is seamlessly connected with your other software systems (HR, Accounting, Inventory systems, etc.) as well as your hardware (such as electronic microscopes, etc.). This will increase your throughput and let you distribute the results to both request originators by integrating your LIMS with third party electronic systems (EMR, PMS) and to patients directly by using custom patient portals or by integrating with Microsoft HealthVault.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance with HIPAA and CCHIT is crucial for a LIMS. With DataArt as your technology partner you won’t have to worry, as we lift the compliance and certification burden from your shoulders. Read more here.

What a LIMS can do for you:

  • Automate sample data input;
  • Accommodate many formats with HL7, DICOM;
  • Automate quality control;
  • Provide workflow process decision support;
  • Customize reporting;
  • Utilize remote access for patient outreach.
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