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Integrating Medical Equipment with Your Software

DataArt’s Healthcare and Life Science team offers considerable expertise in industry standards, such as HL7 and DICOM, and this allows us to integrate all your software and hardware into a single system.

Software Integration

Often a single software product is unable to satisfy all of your requirements at once, forcing you to keep a set of products running simultaneously to support business processes. However, in order to support a solid business process, your set of products needs to work as a single solution, which then allows data to flow smoothly from one component to another.

To achieve this, a new application, when installed, needs to be integrated with any existing system, and DataArt is well equipped to do this no matter whether the application’s design allows bidirectional or unidirectional integration, or none at all.

Hardware Integration

Integration between medical devices and software is essential for accelerating and improving all processes related to a medical institution’s workflow as well as for minimizing human errors. In other words, this means higher quality patient service and a more efficient decision-making process by medical staff.

DataArt designs interfaces connecting various types and makes of medical devices, ensuring integration with almost all medical devices. This automated business workflow across medical equipment and information systems is organized with:

  • DICOM standards for graphical data
  • HL7, LOINC and other standards for textual data
  • IHE Integration profiles
  • PACS for economical storage of medical images

DataArt’s experience has given us great agility in using DICOM and HL7, which means we can help integrate medical equipment (such as ultrasound machines, CT, MRI, X-rays, etc.) with existing software or with a custom system that we build from scratch for our clients. The next step is to provide convenient storage for all medical images and ensure that they can be easily retrieved and printed whenever needed. DataArt can do this using the PACS system. By doing this, we help our clients optimize business operations and automate their workflow.

Open Source Machine-to-Machine Communication Framework

To make hardware integration even easier, DataArt has developed an open source machine-to-machine communication framework, DeviceHive, which makes any connected device a part of the Internet of Things. It provides a communication layer, control software and multi-platform libraries to bootstrap development of remote sensing, remote control, monitoring software, and much more.

By understanding the importance of integrating components with healthcare industry products, DataArt has accumulated broad expertise in software and hardware integration. We have worked with various standards, and succeeded in integration using built-from-scratch software products as well as off-the-shelf options. Trying to find a solution that will make all your systems, programs and apps run together can be a nightmare. DataArt can help you.

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