Custom Software for HIE Providers

Health Information Exchange and Health Insurance Exchange Solutions

Health Information Exchanges are crucial for providing the best patient care. However, HIE providers face a number of technological challenges including:

  • accumulating patient data from different sources with multiple interfaces;
  • merging the data in such a way that it incorporates all patient-related information;
  • securely sharing the data with participating facilities.

Since HIE systems deal with private patient data, it is of critical importance to provide an appropriate level of data security. DataArt ensures that data is transmitted through a secure channel limited to authorized users, with transmission predicated on patient consent to release information in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Accumulating Patient Data

DataArt’s broad experience of integration with various electronic systems (EHR/EMR, PMS, etc.) and our vast knowledge of industry EDI formats enable us to help clients integrate with various EHR system interfaces to retrieve patient data. Whether a system supports HL7 (Health Level 7) or not, DataArt can help connect a client’s system with any other as well as retrieve and merge data from any format.

Merging Accumulated Data

The central part of an HIE system is a platform that identifies to which patient record new data should be linked and merges all individual data into a single entity. DataArt has experience in building both new systems and integrating with existing systems that provide such functionality (such as InterSystems Cachè HealthShare Hub).

Sharing Patient Data with Participating Providers

HIE systems enable quick access to comprehensive patient information, which helps reduce costs by avoiding duplication of services and increases medical staff efficiency. Instant and smooth sharing of patient information is essential in emergency situations when a patient may be unable to provide their medical history and decisions must be made immediately.

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