e-Prescribing Software & Integration

Building a Functional System to Support e-Prescribing

The need to improve patient’s safety and to reduce increasing medication costs has never been so urgent. Each year medication errors result in near 7,000 deaths in the United States due to hand-writing illegibility, inadequate dosing, or neglected drug-drug or drug-allergy reactions. Over three billion prescriptions are written annually - one of the largest paper-based processes in the U.S. The solution is an e-Prescribing system that stores the data about patients’ biometrics, allergies, and prescriptions and helps generate electronic prescriptions based on it, simplifying prescriptions and minimizing medication errors.

DataArt’s services include integration with e-Prescribing providers, such as Surescripts, and its resellers, including DrFirst, RxHub, and others, to ensure a uniform network of integrated systems which conform to HIPAA and CCHIT standards.

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