Building Patient Engagement Ecosystems

Helping patients access care is a fundamental component of creating a unified health ecosystem. DataArt knows how to overcome existing technology constraints and enable a meaningful and sustainable engaging patient experience. We empower clients to effectively run a business by developing digital health solutions aimed at providing better care to patients, advancing drug discovery and enhancing clinical trial accuracy.

Highly Integrated Health Ecosystems

Building an effective ecosystem and engaging patients at a deeper level require the deployment of the right digital capabilities. Our experience includes everything from Telehealth, Patient Engagement, and Population Health Management to electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO) systems and Clinical Trial Electronic Data Capture (EDC) designed to offer the best user experience.

Patient Engagement in Healthcare

In the last decade healthcare has undergone a major transformation with the goal of providing higher quality of care at a lower cost. The key is in making patients your partners on this journey, and getting them involved. Through patient education you can help patients better understand and manage their own health. Gamification is another powerful tool for self-management of chronic conditions, realized through improving adherence to treatment and increasing motivation to fight diseases. DataArt combined the two in Care Companion, a concept for a patient engagement solution that is meant to improve patient’s quality of life, and reduce inpatient visits by keeping patients engaged, providing educational content, and collecting accurate data. The solution consists of two interconnected applications, one for the patient and one for the caregiver, and can be adapted to any clinical state.

Telehealth has recently gained popularity and offered a viable alternative to in-person visits. Leveraging telehealth plays a tremendous role in transforming the relationship between doctors and patients. It raises the bar of convenience and quality of care and better engages patients in the care they receive. Introducing technologies like artificial intelligence and text recognition could make telehealth solutions even more efficient. The telehealth prototype by DataArt serves as a great example. Inbound calls are first processed by an assistant, who defines the patient’s acuity with AI and obtains relevant information before routing the call to a physician. With the help of the Natural Language Processing and Clinical Decision Support engine by Health Navigator, now part of Amazon Care, the solution identifies the core complaints, automates acuity tracking, and suggests follow-up questions. It aims to improve the management of health conditions and save physicians time.

Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

The emerging field of patient engagement is an essential element in clinical trials as well. There are many electronic patient-reported outcome systems (ePRO), electronic clinical outcomes assessment systems (eCOA), and patient diaries, but few have been built with a patient-first approach. At DataArt, we are driving change by putting the patient at the heart of our development process. To close the current gap in pediatric solutions, the DataArt team came up with KidPRO, a concept for a pediatric ePRO app that would motivate young patients and their caregivers, educate them, and turn a clinical trial into a fun and rewarding process. Our technological excellence, UX capabilities, and game development experience enable us to create effective and captivating solutions that target your end-user demographics.

Continuous patient engagement throughout clinical trials can make study participation easier. According to Kaiser Associates and Intel, up to 70 percent of clinical trials will incorporate wearable sensors by 2025. Today a growing number of sponsors and clinical research organizations use wearables and sensors to help patients follow the study protocol and receive richer data sets between doctor visits. In addition, wearables provide patients with information about upcoming visits and operational updates and facilitate communication with their doctor.

Access to Patient Data

SMART on FHIR capabilities

In the US, as a response to the need for a comprehensive information exchange framework in healthcare environments, the 21st Century Cures Act Final Rule has marked the next step in healthcare interoperability. This requirement provided a compelling reason to roll out FHIR API to prevent information blocking. It opens the way to secure, standardized, and practical means of exchanging data among EHRs, health system sites, and 3rd party data sources.

DataArt helps EHR vendors extend their existing solutions with FHIR API and SMART on FHIR capabilities. We have experience integrating into existing APIs, as we understand clinical data model, and the specifics of integration with different implementations of those APIs. DataArt offers a combination of the accelerator and additional custom software development services on top of this accelerator. 

Blockchain for Patient Data Privacy

Blockchain technology can take data privacy to a whole new level and change the way the industry treats data. With this technology, patients can manage who has access to their data. Blockchain makes it possible to encode healthcare records in the chain, and in this way, patients gain full control over the transfer of their information. Moreover, patients can even sell their data to healthcare providers and researchers, should they wish. DataArt has helped a number of healthcare companies implement blockchain technology and eliminate costly administrative inefficiencies. The DataArt experts know how to build an ecosystem that will protect data according to industry regulations and significantly improve quality of care.

The DataArt team would be delighted to speak with you and learn about your needs so we can offer elegant, cost-efficient custom software solutions. Please get in touch if you would like to meet with our experts and talk through any challenges.

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