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Healthcare technology, when implemented properly, has the power to improve the quality of healthcare while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Unfortunately, when done wrong, it can have the opposite effect. A step-by-step approach to technology and profound understanding of the industry are needed to avoid operational and regulatory pitfalls.

DataArt offers the design, development, and consulting services necessary to create cutting-edge technological solutions for the healthcare world while perfectly meeting your unique business needs. Let us show you how we can improve your business and reduce efforts on your part.

Our Offerings

  • Accelerating Drug Discovery

    Accelerating Drug Discovery

    DataArt provides pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with best-in-class custom software that streamlines drug discovery and development.

  • Pre-Clinical & Clinical Trial Technology

    Pre-Clinical & Clinical Trial Technology

    DataArt works with CROs, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, helping them build cutting edge eClinical solutions that meet regulatory requirements and satisfy their business needs.

  • Laboratory Informatics

    Laboratory Informatics

    DataArt builds LIMS that fully automate lab workflow and research process while offering flexibility and customization to fit proprietary methodology.

  • Claims & Benefits Management

    Claims & Benefits Management

    DataArt offers a full range of solutions to manage claims more efficiently, support eligibility and benefits verification, and seamlessly integrate with medical billing systems.

  • Technology for Medical Devices

    Technology for Medical Devices

    DataArt possesses a deep understanding of the medical device industry and helps design products with solid approaches to quality management and strong operations procedures.

  • Building Patient Engagement Ecosystems

    Building Patient Engagement Ecosystems

    We deliver robust technology solutions based on UI/UX design, gamification features and a truly patient-centric approach.

  • Enabling Precision Medicine

    Enabling Precision Medicine

  • Redesigning Care Management

    Redesigning Care Management

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