Life Sciences Insights

  • Healthcare Organisations Explore the Potential of Blockchain and Patient Engagement

    22 June 2018 | Germany | Media

    European Hospital features a bylined story by DataArt experts on patient engagement and applications of blockchain in the healthcare industry. Denis Baranov explores the role of blockchain in drugs supply chain management and healthcare records. Ivan Pantykin discusses DataArt’s concept software for engaging patients in their own health.

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  • DataArt to Exhibit at DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting in Boston, June 24-28

    12 June 2018 | US | Press Release

    New York, June 12, 2018 — DataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, will present its innovative concept apps at DIA 2018 Global Annual Meeting in Boston, MA, June 24-28, 2018. DataArt will showcase a voice recognition and AI-enabled prototype for remote monitoring, whole study engagement solutions and more.

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  • DataArt Enters into R&D Partnership with Health Navigator

    31 May 2018 | UK | Media

    Technology Networks runs the news of DataArt’s partnership with Health Navigator to bring real time speech recognition and natural language processing to clinical decision support systems, reducing cost and saving time on EHR data entry.

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  • The Digital Transformation of Hospitality: Who Will Rise to the Top?

    29 May 2018 | Blog

    The phrase "digital transformation" is present practically everywhere you look these days. From the boardrooms to the chat rooms, the intensity of the deliberations is palpable. But this concept is far more than a couple of buzzwords put together. The hospitality industry is undergoing a profound technological...

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  • What's Next for Streaming? The Convergence with Live Music

    25 May 2018 | Blog

    "There's a reason music never worked on TV. It's a community experience. Now, if you turn a passive viewer into an active viewer that feels like they're connecting with people, now we've created the music community online." — Allen Sanford, LiveList co-founder and CEO. The...

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  • DataArt Enters into R&D Partnership with Health Navigator

    24 May 2018 | US | Press Release

    New York, May 24, 2018 — DataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, today announced its partnership with Health Navigator, a platform offering a comprehensive clinical vocabulary and decision-support system designed to facilitate eHealth and telemedicine encounters.

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  • Advantages and Pitfalls of Outsourcing Your Software Development

    16 May 2018 | Blog

    "If there is something we can't do more efficiently, cheaper and better than our competition, there is no sense in doing it and we should employ someone to do the better work for us." - Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company. Virtually all hoteliers are investing in software...

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  • Count the Streams: Understanding Video Streaming Analytics

    15 May 2018 | Blog

    As the popularity of video streaming rises exponentially, media companies can utilize analytics tools to better understand their audience and boost engagement in profound ways. It's becoming increasingly important to embrace the power of video streaming metrics. Although systems based...

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  • conhIT Afterthoughts

    14 May 2018 | Blog

    conhIT – Connecting Healthcare IT, the leading digital health event in Europe, which took place from 17-19 April in Berlin, left us with many impressions that we’d like to share. Occupying Germany’s biggest exhibition center at Messe Berlin, conhIT exceeded all...

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  • QA Automation: The Road to More Efficient Deployment

    25 April 2018 | Blog

    The hospitality industry is leveraging automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics to streamline hotel operations and improve the customer experience. From guest messaging to mobile-driven check-in, check-out, and key cards, automated services are dramatically altering the hospitality industry...

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