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Custom Software Solutions for Life Sciences

With the noblest goal in mind, helping people fight disease and overcome disabilities, Life Science companies are facing complex challenges such as regulatory constraints, patent cliffs, supply chain issues and more. While searching for solutions, companies strive to find technological leadership that facilitates easier innovation and growth, from drug discovery to marketing.

DataArt can help every step of the way in overcoming the unique challenges of the industry and improving time to market, leveraging its deep expertise in Life Sciences and empowering clients by building cutting edge technology solutions.

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Drug Discovery

Information technology is revolutionizing drug discovery and development, enhancing conventional searches for the best compounds and molecules with computer-aided decision-making support. Read more

Clinical Trials

Where are the innovations in today’s clinical trial software systems? Over the past decade, technology has advanced at a near exponential rate, yet like in other highly regulated industries, the world of clinical trials is five to ten years behind other sectors. Read more

Sales & Marketing

The world of pharmaceutical sales and marketing has changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Direct-to-patient marketing and selling to healthcare conglomerates have largely replaced the direct rep/doctor relationship of the past. Read more

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