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Will the Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Trials Fast-Track Digital Health Technology?

21 April 2020 | US | Media

In HCPLive, Daniel Piekarz, SVP of Healthcare & Life Sciences at DataArt, debates whether the COVID-19- related clinical trial standstill will drive the industry towards virtual trials.

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What Is Contact Tracing, and How Can It Fight Pandemics?

21 April 2020 | US | Media

In conversation with experts in the field, How-To Geek explores various aspects of contract tracing and its impact on managing infectious diseases. Daniel Piekarz, SVP Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, shares his thoughts on the concept, its uses, and its effectiveness.

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New Machine Learning Algorithm Elevates X-Ray Imaging to the Next Level. Will It Replace CT?

15 April 2020 | Blog

A new method has been discovered, which makes it possible to reveal 3D information hidden in conventional 2D X-Ray images. This discovery brings us closer to getting diagnostics results comparable to those achieved through the use of computed tomography but through a more accessible and significantly...

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DataArt Busts Top 4 Myths About Managing Distributed Teams

19 March 2020 | Blog

A global shift in the corporate world towards distributed working started long before the COVID-19 pandemic. In the software development realm, distributed teams have become increasingly critical to project success. DataArt has 20+ years of experience working on software projects with distributed teams,...

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AI, Data Science, and the Novel Coronavirus

17 March 2020 | Blog

Technology is playing a major role in combatting the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that was first identified in December 2019. While not doing so in “headline-grabbing” ways, AI and data science are being employed by researchers, public health officials, and first responders. Let’s explore technology’s...

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How to Save Your Business with Distributed Teams

13 March 2020 | Blog

As of the 13th of March 2020, there were already 120 countries all over the world suffering from coronavirus, and more than 135K cases confirmed. How can you keep your business alive in this situation, and save your staff from pandemics? We will advise on how to organize and effectively manage distributed...

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How AI will Disrupt Drug Development

6 March 2020 | US | Media

In Manufacturing Chemist, Egor Kobelev, VP of Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, shares some of the ways artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies help identify new molecules and validate new drugs faster and more efficiently.

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Digital Healthcare Trends in Germany 2020

26 December 2019 | Blog

With a new decade of the 21st century upon us, we’re facing changes and challenges in digital healthcare. The term itself has long been established and digitalization of the medical area is rapidly transforming the industry. ...

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360-Degree Patient View for Healthcare Payer Organizations

25 December 2019 | Blog

For years, data warehouses have sat, stuffed full of data that no one could usefully access. With the advent of data lakes, all this is changing. Over the past decade, the entire focus of healthcare payer organizations has shifted away from simply paying claims towards aiming to act as transformational...

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X-ray Stereogrammetry (RSA) Powered by Machine Learning as an Alternative to CT

22 November 2019 | Blog

Alexander Khmil, Senior Solutions Consultant and Medical Imaging Expert at DataArt, introduced machine learning powered X-ray stereogrammentry as an alternative to CT at Medica 2019 on Wednesday, November 20. His presentation highlighted how this new method helps obtain a special kind of 3D...

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