CRO Software Development

Facilitate Your Research Studies

A typical research study includes multiple steps that involve processing large amounts of data at every step - from the initial contact with the client, to setting up experiments for the study and collecting data, to furnishing complete reports.

When a study is only partially automated or not automated at all, it requires the constant attention of research personnel and enormous efforts by management to successfully complete the work. This greatly inhibits a center’s ability to conduct simultaneous studies or widen the spectrum of experiments conducted. To reduce study costs, spend less time, and increase the quality of services, you need to automate key study processes.

To lift this task from your shoulders, DataArt can deliver a solution that includes:

  • Management of proposals, protocols, study performance, billing;
  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC);
  • Touch screen data input in complex lab conditions (protective lab suits and aggressive environment limiting interaction abilities);
  • Lab automation (dosage scheduling; measurement; reminder system; monitoring system);
  • Data Analysis Reporting; real-time experiment reporting interface for researchers and customers;
  • Web portal for instant client access;
  • Inventory Management.

With such a solution in place, you can significantly increase study throughput, conducting at least three times as many simultaneous studies using the same management and research staff. This will also enable you to reduce your average study cost as a result of greater labor efficiency, more effective material usage, and improved maintenance and storage processes.

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