Portfolio Management: Custom Software Development

Middle Office

At the core of the Investment Management process, Portfolio and Risk Management are areas that often demand specialized, custom-tailored technology solutions. To respond quickly to a changing market environment, users need systems that are exceptionally scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate. While packaged products provide a good base functionality, most Asset Managers require customized solutions to address emerging risk management frameworks, market data, and investment strategies.

In the past ten years, DataArt has completed over 50 mission-critical middle-office software systems spanning key process areas:

  • Position Management and Portfolio Analytics
  • Risk Management
    • Cross-asset class real-time risk aggregation
    • Custom frameworks for stress- and sensitivity-analysis
    • Market risk model integration
  • Reference Data Management
    • Security Terms & Conditions and Price Data Master
    • Corporate Actions
    • Fund performance data
    • Broker research analysis and distribution
    • Multi-source data import, cleansing and aggregation
      • Dividend Curves
      • Borrowings Rates
      • Time series
      • Indices, ETF Compositions
    • OTC and structured products
    • Custom pricing rules
    • Knowledge of most major data providers (Reuters, Bloomberg, IDC/FT/MarkIt and others)
    • Historical Tick databases optimization
  • Stock locate and borrows management
    • Integration with leading prime brokers (Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank)
    • Borrows optimization
  • Mobile and tablet (iPad)-based UIs for position management and reporting
    • Real-time portfolio monitoring
  • Research portals

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