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Trading systems that are fast, powerful, portable, compliant and ... user friendly. This is no longer a dream, but a part of our world.

Trading systems have experienced major shifts in the recent couple of years. Obviously trading is no longer something that happens only behind the doors of major financial institutions — trading has expanded into the mass market. Today people want to trade themselves and consequently a need for proper educational engines for trading skill training has emerged.

As a result, traditional exchanges are losing their monopoly as more alternative platforms for direct P2P trading are emerging. The tendency is turning from just corporate and enterprise markets to retail markets as well, and smaller trades can be executed.

However, bigger players continue to invest into more sophisticated trading, algorithmic trading, high frequency trading and more.

Algorithmic trading is becoming more and more popular at enterprises. Following the P2P trading trend, many platforms now allow individual brokers to create their own formal strategy. Even retail brokers are beginning to offer the opportunity for any trader to design and implement his own strategy.

DataArt has observed these trends among our recent projects:

  • Building an innovative financial educational system to train financial specialists to conclude transactions using a variety of trading strategies;
  • Developing a negotiation platform that provides end-to-end FIX workflows, compliance monitoring and auditing for all transactions;
  • Creating a private equity investment platform and options trading system for stock exchange specialists (floor brokers);
  • Maintenance and support of an FX trading desk for a leading currency exchange broker.

To enhance the development of your trading solutions from day one, we suggest using Trading Solutions Accelerator, an integrable suite of software components developed by DataArt , including but not limited to Order Management System, Market Data Distribution and Algorithmic Strategy Execution components. It helps minimize product time to market, reduces implementation costs and increases quality, due to well-tested core modules. TSA offers a tailored IP sharing model for general-purpose modules and reserves the right to read and modify shared source code.

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