Cloud Migration

Cloud operations and cloud migration has never been more pertinent. During the last several years,cloud technologies have become almost omnipresent, despite the fact that many IT businesses considered the technology dubious at first. A recent Wall Street Journal article quoting Goldman Sachs research stated that 18% of computing is currently happening in a cloud environments and survey responders expect that number to reach 34% by the end of 2019.

What’s happened can truly be called a mindshift: the cloud has become a dominant trend in IT and general interest in cloud technologies continues to grow. Cost reduction and avoiding the hassles of infrastructure upkeep are the benefits that companies are now starting to appreciate.

Some of the advantages of moving to the cloud:

  • Access to a multitude of options, the opportunity to experiment without any capital expenditures.
  • The possibility to scale and reduce computing power on demand and reduce hardware resources.
  • Quick disaster recovery, maximum resilience and uptime.
  • The capability to store, access and analyze almost unlimited volumes of data.

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