Investment Banking: Custom Software Development


Developing software for sell-side trading and securities processing involves a hundred times more data, an order of magnitude better performance, and one-tenth of time to build and test. In short, no amateurs are invited.

In this fast-paced environment, traditional fixed-price, fixed-scope contracting rarely works. Instead, companies must bring the best available talent together by assembling hybrid on-site/off-site teams.

Clients choose vendors based on four simple criteria:

  • Speed and agility of team ramp-up
  • Level of IT talent
  • Knowledge and expertise in finance
  • Structured, predictable development process in an ever-changing multi-stakeholder environment
"One thing that sets DataArt apart is that they are able to build development teams that are consistently and significantly stronger than any other vendor we've worked with. As a result, their development velocity is on par with, or above the best among our in-house teams". - DataArt client, senior executive at a global brokerage.

DataArt serves both Global Investment Banks and independent Broker Dealers. We build software systems for trading and trade monitoring, valuations, risk management, and market data distribution. Our expertise spans across multiple asset classes, including equities, derivatives, fixed income, FX and structured products:

  • FIX Integration
  • Algorithmic trading
    • Back testing systems
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Order messaging and trade negotiation
  • Quantitative analytics
    • Real-Time Dynamic alpha
    • Statistical arbitrage
    • ETF Baskets optimization (US and International)
  • Order management, routing and monitoring
  • Real Time Pricing
    • Indexes, ETFs, Futures Fair prices
    • Proxy pricing
    • Real time Price publishing (Bloomberg)
  • Derivatives
    • Volatility monitoring and surface modeling
    • Debit Value Adjustment for structured products
    • Risk data aggregation and interpolation (real-time)
    • Fair value accounting

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