Insurance Software Development

Learn how to protect your company from fraud and cybersecurity risks with custom insurance software services.

Our Insurance Software Development Services

As an insurance software development company, DataArt helps its clients integrate custom solutions to boost business and become an innovative leader in the insurance industry. We recommend these insurance software services to all of our clients:

  • Insurance Document Management System

    Custom digital solutions and automation help insurance companies create a highly efficient document management system with real-time access to all data via mobile applications or on the web.

    Reliable digital platforms prevent fraud and let insurers manage their data sustainably.

  • Insurance Claims Management Solution

    Create a custom claims management solution to address requests quickly and efficiently. Process your claims automatically via both mobile and web applications and have real-time access to the data.

    Build a transparent and customer-oriented system that allows insurers to follow every stage in claim management process.

  • Re-engineering Legacy Systems

    Get rid of rusty legacy systems, which often have higher costs and require more resources to maintain. Legacy systems can also be more susceptible to data leaks and fraud.

    Switch to a cloud-based system and re-engineer your old legacy systems to operate on more modern tools that can run real-time processes. This will make your business more cost-effective.

  • Digitizing Insurance Systems

    Transfer your insurance business solutions onto digital platforms, web and mobile applications. Digitize customer management: onboarding, contract, renewals, privacy policy, claim management, data analysis and make your services more efficient, and safe from fraud.

  • Blockchain in Insurance

    Choose blockchain solutions to make your insurance systems operate safely. Blockchain will also provide faster transactions and payment services.

    Create an efficient, transparent and customer-focused ecosystem that provides customers with up-to-date information.

We Help Insurance Software Development Companies With:

Fraud detection

Secure your business from malicious attacks, protect your client data and transactions by integrating technologies that track risks and frauds.

Churn reduction

Improve customer retention and boost your business efficiency with systems automation and integration of web and mobile applications.

Claim management

Opt for insurance software development services to digitalize your claim management process and make it more transparent, effective, and customer friendly.

Compliance processes

Integrate modern digital solutions to make the compliance process faster and more transparent, so your customers could track requests in real-time.

Customer’s engagement

Make experience of your customers more convenient and transparent with web and mobile applications and build a trust-based connection with every client.

Systems automation

Automate your systems to make business processes faster, more effective and transparent to detect risks and frauds and even consistently avoid them.

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PDF Agent Portal for Personal P&C Insurance Read a detailed insurance case study on how DataArt built a secure, customer-oriented insurance portal that is available via both web and mobile platforms.
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PDF Insurance Digitalization
Learn how to move your business seamlessly to a digital platform, which can reduce costs, protect your business from fraud and build a successful model for the digital world.
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PDF Best Practices Guide for Insurance Digitization DataArt has performed many successful digitization projects for insurance companies. Read about these efforts and learn how to integrate digital solutions into your own company.
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