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How Firms Can Use the Free Form PF Application by DataArt?

Firms which haven’t implemented a Form PF filing solution have two options:

  • Option 1: Use the Form PF application without integration into their firm’s data systems
  • Option 2: Integrate Form PF application with firm's existing data aggregation system

In the first case the user still has the following functional advantages:

  • Run and file Form PF in-house
  • Share Form PF reports between users
  • Create and use firm-level notes for every question which is local to a report and not filed with the SEC
  • Use the e-filing feature

With both options, the cost of implementation will be dramatically lower as compared to hiring a consultancy firm for front-end and back-end implementation.

Firms that have fully or partially implemented back-end data aggregation can use DataArt’s free Form PF solution which provides a user-friendly interface and flexibility in application’s integration options: some questions can be entered manually and others automatically from your data sources.

Firms that have already bought expensive license for Form PF applications might want to re-think their filing strategy. Since they have organized their data sources and performed data analysis, it could be a better strategy to switch to a free Form PF front-end.

In order to support EU fund managers or global fund managers having EU funds or marketing in EU, the Form PF application has been extended to support European AIFMD reporting requirements. For the joint AIFMD and Form PF application please refer to our AIFMD page.

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