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DataArt will support your Fintech ideas from concept to PoC, MVP, and market success. We focus on Fintech software development, so we know how to make your company’s vision a reality.

DataArt’s Fintech Development Services

With our diverse background and experience in Fintech software development services, DataArt can solve problems and consult on projects in a wide range of domains:

Product Development

  • B2B / B2C / enterprise / startups
  • From ideation and prototyping to MVP and finished product, we can do it all
  • We use a proven, value-driven, iterative process

Technology Consulting

  • Client’s goals and objectives analysis
  • Developing a technology strategy
  • Consulting on architecture design and technology selection

On-demand IT

  • Scalable and elastic “developer cloud”
  • Shared risk
  • Effective knowledge management
  • Domain expertise

Managed Support

  • Operational cost reduction
  • Increasing system quality, stability and availability
  • Best-of-breed application life cycle tools and processes

Solution Design

  • System and software architecture design

Custom Fintech Development

DataArt, a Fintech software development company, offers custom services in the following fields:

1. Modern Data Management Architectures

DataArt has deep expertise in modern data architectures, including data lakes and cloud data warehouses, business intelligence, machine learning and AI. The company has built solutions on all major cloud platforms and has extensive experience in working with technologies like AWS Redshift, Google BigQuery, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka. DataArt is a partner with the three largest cloud platforms — Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS — as well Snowflake and Matillion.

2. Cloud Native Development

DataArt builds modern, cloud-based solutions that combine the best cloud-native serverless computing and data technologies, with cloud-agnostic, containerized applications.

3. Digitization

DataArt can help accelerate digitization initiatives, including omnichannel custom-centric solutions, digital onboarding, Fintech integration, and end-to-end process automation.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

DataArt is an expert in developing predictive analytics models for planning, risk management, and insightful decision making. We build Predictive and Recommender systems and uses Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision technologies to automate labor-intensive business processes.

5. Blockchain

DataArt has built solutions on some of the most popular Ledger platforms, including Hyperledger, Corda, QLDB, and Etherium. Several distributed ledger-based systems built by DataArt are currently in production with enterprise clients.

Why DataArt?

DataArt understands the challenges faced by Fintech companies: increasing cybersecurity threats, the inherent inertness that prevents Fintechs from offering best digital experience, the need to adapt legacy systems according to regulations and rapidly changing demands of the new era. Putting a new digital product in front of customers or enhancing an existing one as quickly and as inexpensively as possible is the key to success in the Fintech market. Adaptability, domain expertise, flexibility, and ability to work under uncertainty are the main requirements for a technology partner of a Fintech company. And DataArt has it all.

As a Fintech development company, DataArt has all resources to make your project a lasting success – deep expertise across a wide spectrum of advanced technologies, UX/UI expertise, domain expertise in a variety of segments of financial services, and a wide network of partners and advisors. Whether you are just exploring your Fintech idea or looking to scale a successful business, we will create a solution tailored to your needs.

DataArt’s Fintech Software Development Case Studies

DataArt has numerous real-life examples of projects successfully completed over the years:


  • What is Fintech?

    Fintech (or Financial Technology) is the tech applied to traditional financial operations in order to make them efficient, secure, and accessible to standard users.

  • What Are the Types of Fintech Software?

    The scope of Fintech software is wide, but can be roughly divided into the following groups:

    • Fintech in Investment Management
    • Payment software (paytech)
    • Insurtech software
    • Banking software (banktech)
  • What Services does Your Fintech Software Development Company Offer?

    DataArt is a Fintech software development company that offers product development, system modernization, technology consulting, on-demand IT, managed support, and solution design.

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