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Enterprise Search Engine Solutions: Means to Access Data Fast

19 January 2022 | Blog

In the age of big data, capital markets churn out multiple data sets of data every day from different workers and in different locations. This data comes out in various formats and languages and is further stored in different silos. This makes it time-consuming or nearly impossible for employees to find...

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What Is Embedded Finance & How It Can Affect the Financial Industry

17 December 2021 | Blog

There is a development within the fintech realm that is causing so much buzz. That development happens to be embedded finance, and multiple companies are already rushing to implement it. In this post, Bogdan Kolomiyets explains the value embedded finance brings to businesses....

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Money20/20: Resources Are Still the Focus

15 December 2021 | Blog

Money20/20 is an annual event that brings together the world's best financial companies, mostly in the fintech, payments, and banking sectors. Despite the economic and social damage of COVID‐19, this year's event took place offline, which gave visitors the opportunity to see old friends and make new...

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Open Banking: Offering Businesses Technology Capabilities

10 December 2021 | US | Media
In a bylined article in Finextra, Anna Serebryannikova, senior account director at DataArt, discusses the benefits of open banking, including improved customer service, acceleration of growth, reduced costs of operations, better personalization, and new revenue streams. Anna also covers the technology foundation and capabilities required to adopt open banking.
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Digital Transformation in Asset Management – Solutions for Fund Administrators

9 December 2021 | Blog

It is imperative for investment providers to invest in technology, now more than ever. As discussed in our recent article, “Digital Transformation in Asset Management - Obstacles for Fund Administrators,” pressure is mounting on the asset management industry to modernize their outdated legacy architecture...

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Competitiveness Through Innovation: Digital Insurance Ecosystems

1 December 2021 | Blog

The insurance sector is in the midst of systematic change. In 2020, the industry sped through several years worth of digital transformation in a matter of months. In this article, we take a closer look at why digital ecosystems are a significant part of the insurance market, and how companies are utilizing...

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ITC Vegas 2021: The Long-Awaited Return of Offline Events

4 November 2021 | Blog

ITC Vegas is one of the most prominent insurance events in the United States. The conference, which takes place annually in Las Vegas, offers a sneak peek into fresh innovations in the insurance industry. This year, Peter Rakowsky, Director of Client Solutions at DataArt, and Slava Buga, Vice President...

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7 Ways How AI Is Transforming the Fintech Industry

22 October 2021 | Blog

The global AI in the Fintech market has been rising significantly. By 2020, this market was estimated at $7.9 billion and is anticipated to reach $26.67 by the end of 2021. By adopting smart solutions, financial organizations get a major competitive advantage to cope with the ever-changing industry landscape...

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How Asset Managers Get IT Fit for the Future: Survey Results and DataArt Expert Comments

21 October 2021 | Blog

Asset management, an industry famous for its inherent conservatism, is stepping up its technological innovation and reshaping the competitive landscape. The extent to which asset managers depend on custom software and emerging technologies to support their competitive advantage, and the value they see...

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Innovation Stories: How Insurance Industry Is Digitizing

2 September 2021 | Blog

While the term “digital insurance” was first used to refer to disruptive insurance business models, most companies in the sector chose a different path to digitizing. They streamlined their efforts on automation, processes optimization, and improving customer experience. In this post, we explore why...

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