Finance Case Studies

  • Distributed Ledger Technology

    Distributed Ledger Technology

    Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT, aka blockchain) lends itself to situations where many different entities participate in complex interactions or transactions.

  • Data Management

    Data Management

    Data may be the new gold, but extracting business value from unmanaged data can be a complex and frustrating exercise.

  • Cloud Migration

    Cloud Migration

    DataArt begins every cloud engagement with a comprehensive analysis to address the ‘pressure points’ in cloud migration.

  • AI / ML

    AI / ML

    Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning. It sounds so promising, and can be. But there are challenges

  • Digitalization


    Digitalization transitions how a business engages with internal and external clients. What in the past might have been personal or manual becomes an interaction with a web page or app.

  • Business Process Improvement

    Business Process Improvement

    Today’s business environment is too competitive and too fast to waste effort. Any drags on efficiency hurt, both competitively and in terms of corporate harmony.

  • Trading


    There are no “vanilla” trading projects anymore. Compliance and regulatory requirements alone guarantee that.

  • Security


    It doesn’t matter how good your systems are if you can’t keep the bad guys out. And just because you tested doesn’t mean you are safe.

  • Insurance


    No longer able to fall back on their domain expertise and customer base alone, insurance companies must innovate to keep up with the very industries and customers they insure.

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