Custom Trading Software Development

Front Office

Buy-Side firms are offered a good selection of off-the-shelf systems supporting the most popular security types and execution strategies. DataArt helps clients integrate systems from multiple vendors into a coherent STP platform, developing "glue" that ties together FIX engines, EMSs, algorithmic engines, market data, pre-trade risk, and position allocation systems with various downstream systems. Employing the latest data fabric, integration and Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines, we work to minimize latency and to maximize analytical capabilities.

Sell-Side requirements evolve faster and on a larger scale. While product vendors struggle to keep pace, Investment Banks turn to DataArt to develop custom systems with extremely short time-to-desk deadlines, such as Pricing Engines for Equity Derivatives, Trade Monitoring GUIs, Quote Reporting, Real-time Correlations, and many others. DataArt utilize a hybrid on-site/off-site model to accommodate hectic schedules while optimizing returns.

Our Front Office software expertise spans:

  • FIX Integration
  • Algorithmic trading
    • Back testing systems
  • Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • Order messaging and trade negotiation
  • Quantitative analytics
    • Real-Time Dynamic alpha
    • Statistical arbitrage
    • ETF Baskets optimization (US and International)
  • Order management, routing and monitoring
  • Real Time Pricing
    • Indexes, ETFs, Futures Fair prices
    • Proxy pricing
    • Real time Price publishing (Bloomberg)

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