Business Process Management

Enterprise systems tend to be IT-centric and unaligned with any business strategy, which impedes the ability to change how business is being done and weakens agility. Business Process Management (BPM) is a game changer that can address this situation. 

In the past, BPM was misused, often utilized for building standalone enterprise subsystems and implementing solo IT applications rather than contributing to a flexible, agile enterprise. DataArt uses BPM in combination with Enterprise SOA, making it possible to implement reusable business processes, services and workflows, enabling the company’s processes to become aligned with its strategy and flexible to changing circumstances.

Here are some symptoms that suggest a business needs help from BPM world:

  • Business is structured in a “functional way” – each department works only in their “functional box” and performance goals are only oriented to “produce as much as possible” within this function. There is no end-to-end processes, and as a consequence there is no commitment to a final “production result.”
  • The organization is mature and has witnessed that business process- oriented management is more efficient.
  • There are several IT systems in the organization, which automate their own functional areas.
  • Changes in the IT landscape dictated by external or internal sources usually come from long- term and expensive projects spread over a number of years.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Pega customization for a global rating agency
  • Enterprise portal integrated with Pega for a data provider
  • Enterprise architecture audit
  • BPM system implementation.

Some of the benefits offered by BPM include:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Management transparency
  • Regulatory Integrity
  • Audit
  • Control
  • Compliance.

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