Asset Management: Custom Software Development

Custom-tailored software systems for Institutional and Alternative Investment Management Firms

Development agility and product quality are top priorities for buy-side software executives. But producing quality software for investment managers comes with a few strings attached. Portfolio and Risk Managers are the "perfect" customers: they believe that a 15-minute requirement overview is enough, demand results immediately, change their minds often, have no time to test, and no patience for errors... and that's before The Chief Compliance Officer has had a chance to pitch in.

To succeed, IT departments need to hire the best help that money can buy. In their choice of vendors for both off-the-shelf software and services, experience is tantamount. "Who else have you worked for?" is the first question vendors are asked.

DataArt has been on the trading floor. We've sorted through a myriad of data points in market data feeds. We've been in awe of Risk Analysts able to tell that "the numbers are wrong" despite months of testing. We've pulled all-nighters and provided Chief Risk Officers with critical reports before the investor meeting.

DataArt has the experience that can only be earned on the Street.

We've built systems to support the most critical operations – trade allocation, sensitivity analysis, and exotic bond valuation:

Portfolio management and analytics

  • P&L & Market Value analysis
  • Asset Under Management (AUM), AUM Risk
  • Cash Allocation
  • Market Exposure
  • Inventory Analysis
  • VPM Portfolio Analysis
  • Mobile UI for portfolio review and analysis

Risk management

  • Market risk
    • Pre-trade risk compliance
    • Trade execution monitoring and cross-platform aggregated risk assessment
    • Risk data aggregation and interpolation (real-time)
  • Model calibration
  • Stress-tests and Sensitivity analysis
  • Currency exposure
  • Capital limits


  • Volatility monitoring and surface modeling
  • Risk data aggregation and interpolation (real-time)
  • Fair value accounting
  • Debt Value Adjustment for structured products

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