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Beat the competition, meet the challenges and discover new opportunities. Use asset management technology consulting services to employ digitalization, artificial intelligence, data management, and cloud.

DataArt's Asset Management Consulting Services

DataArt is an asset management consultancy that offers a variety of services to improve client business processes via automation, cloud, analytics and best in class data management.

  • Systematic Data Management

    One of the key principles for DataArt is to treat data as a key business asset. The company’s asset management technology consulting and services help clients to put their data to work.


    • Revealed locked potential in data to monetize it while reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Reduced operational and regulatory risks
    • Fast delivery of new reporting and analytics, self-service data capability for business
    • Shift from reactive to proactive business decisions powered by predictive and prescriptive analytics.


    • Data ingestion and integration, ETL
    • Modern data pipelines, move from batch processing to real time
    • Data warehousing, cloud migration and hybrid data storage systems scalability
    • Data clustering, pattern detection, statistical analysis
    • Data governance, data quality, master data management, metadata management
  • Cloud & Big Data Adoption

    Modern asset management consulting firms help their clients move management, transactions, and customer due diligence processes to the cloud.


    • Easy access to historical data (for a period of 20-30 years, not 3-5 years as it was in the pre-cloud era)
    • Advanced analytical capabilities
    • Scaled and increased computing power on demand and a different architecture for accessing and storing data.


    • Modern cloud data platforms
    • Data warehousing, data lakes, data lakehouses
    • Data integration, data engineering, modelling, ETL/ELT, data pipelines
    • Data solution migration
    • Analytics implementation, real-time analytics, advanced analytics
    • Integration with AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake and other cloud platforms.
  • Data Visualization and Self-Service BI

    The main goal of data visualization is clear and efficient data representation. Businesses can perform analysis of complex data sets and attract new clients by effectively presenting their statistical data.


    • Low or no code data access
    • Clear message communication
    • Ability to create comprehensive charts and diagrams
    • More comprehensive self-service BI/analytics.


    • Reporting platforms
      • Enhanced out-of-the-box tools for reporting and business intelligence for enterprise
      • Rich dashboard functionality that allows end-users to customize reports
      • Built-in data aggregation frameworks, data manipulation
    • Custom dashboards, enhanced data analytics and data-driven applications
      • Open source, off-the-shelf or fully customized visualization
      • Improved look and feel of data representation
      • Interactive data visualisation and analysis
      • Self-service and embedded BI using most popular BI toolkits (Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Looker, QuickSight)
      • Low-code or fully custom rich data-driven web applications
    • Data-delivery APIs, data exchanges and data marketplaces.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    AI augments human capabilities and increases the businesses reach. Machine learning helps companies identify insights in data to prevent fraud, help investors to trade, and more.


    • Increased degree of automation for the operational workflows
    • Improved data acquisition, validation and clean-up
    • Uncovering patterns and correlations
    • Creating next generation predictive models based on historical data.


    Natural language processing

    • Advanced texts, speech and cognitive analytics
    • Structured and unstructured data
    • Chatbots

    Predictive and recommendation systems

    • Automating decision-making routine
    • Forecasting events
    • Probabilistic analysis
    • User personalization

    Computer vision

    • Visual classification of objects nature (i.e. tables in documents, image recognition, video processing)

    Data science

    • Data clustering
    • Pattern detection
    • Statistical analysis
    • Data visualization

    Virtual assistants

    • Answering frequently asked questions
    • Automating repetitive tasks
    • Providing innovative access points to services offered by brands and businesses.

Asset Management Technology Consulting Benefits

Decreasing Margins and Profitability


  • Wholesale technology infrastructure rationalization.
  • Migration to an open source Cloud infrastructure
  • Massive automation through the use of AI and ML
  • Digitalization of client`s services

Competition and Maturity


  • Build improved market/lead analytics and deal-tracking technology supported by ML and Big Data
  • Upgrading legacy IT architectures and accelerating digitalization and process automation

Regulatory Pressures


  • Automated regulatory compliance and reporting
  • Ensuring proper accountability and transparency for front office as well as back office



  • Rationalizing IT architectures
  • Data integration

Customer Experience


  • Technology-based customer centricity
  • Information transparency

DataArt’s Expertise in Asset Management Consulting

DataArt’s team of IT solution and domain-specific subject matter experts can tackle the myriad business and technology challenges facing the AM industry. DataArt IT consulting asset management domains include:

  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Private credit
  • Hedge funds
  • Fund administrators and service providers
  • Institutional asset managers.

Case Studies


  • What Does DataArt Offer to Asset Managers?

    DataArt offers asset management consulting services that focus on cloud migration, data management, intelligent automation, and artificial intelligence. We support clients through all stages of IT programs, from building vision to implementation and support.

  • Who Does Asset Management Consulting Serve?

    It works with all kinds of asset managers, including private equity, private credit, real estate, hedge funds, and large institutional managers. DataArt is an asset management consulting firm that also serves fund administrators and fintech companies focusing on the asset management sector.

  • What Kind of Benefits Can Asset Managers Get Through Technology?

    An asset management consultancy can reduce operating costs and significantly improve decision-making processes through technology. Unlocking the data, enabling visualization and data exploration, automating manual labor, gaining new insights using artificial intelligence, engaging clients through digital channels are among the benefits that DataArt can help asset managers achieve using modern technologies.

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