Virtual Reality in Betting and Gaming

Next Level of Player Engagement

Betting and Gaming companies show a strong need to create unique products in order to stand out from the tightening competition. Meanwhile, IT corporations have been heavily investing in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies. Thanks to their effort, a multibillion Virtual Reality ecosystem has emerged. iGaming industry companies have started using the VR ecosystem as an innovation instrument.


In a response to the new demands of the iGaming industry, DataArt provides VR solution-oriented consulting to Betting and Gaming companies. Having accumulated both VR expertise and vast knowledge of iGaming industry regulations, DataArt can bring new VR products to market quickly with minimal regulatory friction.

Our Virtual Reality Offering

  • Sportsbook Solutions

    Sportsbook Solutions

    Leverage VR tech to provide deep player engagement. In-play betting with Augmented Reality increases the LTV of a sports stadium visitor as well as that of an online bettor.

  • Augmented Reality in Retail

    Augmented Reality in Retail

    On-premise use of Augmented Reality technologies allows creating engaging geo-based promotions for sportsbooks and casinos.

  • Casino Video games in VR

    Casino Video games in VR

    At the current stage of the VR tech adoption curve, players are interested in playing Virtual Reality, yet so far few people have VR headsets at home. It is prime time for casinos to step in and to satisfy their interest. DataArt has developed a VR slot game for demonstration purposes.

Try it to see how a slot game can give the excitement of VR and at the same time stay familiar to anyone who'd seen slots before.

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