Intelligent Automation: Advance Your Business Processes

June 18, 2020 Register Now

During the webinar, DataArt’s experts will delve into the various subdomains of Intelligent Automation (IA) to illustrate a variety of established and emerging automation approaches. The speakers will cover the fundamentals of IA, and give real-world examples from finance and healthcare domains

Get insight on:

  • Technologies that enable IA
    Distinguish techniques such as Robotic Process Automation, Task and Process Mining, and Intelligent Document Processing. Explore AI-driven automation tools and the problems they solve.
  • Manual processes to automate
    Learn how to leverage mining tools. Uncover undocumented and inefficient processes and streamline them.
  • IA solutions to design
    Investigate the approaches for developing IA solutions that address specific process problems.
  • Organizational competence in IA
    Envision how to adapt and scale IA technologies and practices for your organization.
  • Deployment of IA solutions
    Explore inspiring examples of how to use IA across different industries.


Meet Alex Bronstein as a speaker at Intelligent Automation: Advance Your Business Processes.

Alex  Bronstein
Alex Bronstein Principal Consultant

Meet Brian Jenkins as a speaker at Intelligent Automation: Advance Your Business Processes.

Brian  Jenkins
Brian Jenkins Solution Architect
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