How to Succeed with Infrastructure Hardening

June 17, 2020 Register Now

During the webinar, DataArt expert in Software Architecture and Security will delve into the basics of cloud security and illustrate several popular approaches to infrastructure hardening, and discuss the threats cloud security services by AWS, Azure help to mitigate.

You will also learn patterns for implementation of fundamental security principles, such as Segregation of Duties and Principle of Least Privilege.

Get insight on

  • Key differences in security requirements for on-prem and cloud infrastructures
  • Your duties keeping the cloud resources safe as a part of responsibility shared with the cloud provider
  • Cloud infrastructure hardening methods and ultimate cloud security goals
  • Popular security auditing benchmarks and tools, and how to adapt them to achieve your desired security level
  • Installing software updates and vulnerability management after migrating to the cloud


Meet Dmitry Vyrostkov as a speaker at How to Succeed with Infrastructure Hardening.

Dmitry Vyrostkov
Dmitry Vyrostkov Security Services
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