Best Tools, Tips, & Tricks for Fast (Virtual) UX Concept Creation

During the times of massive business transformations in all spheres, the way you ideate and validate your ideas becomes the key factor for success.

  • How to put ideas into a visual form while in self-isolation?
  • How to share your ideas with other stakeholders and encourage them to collaborate?
  • How to produce a prototype and collect user feedback remotely?

DataArt experts in UI/UX design, Anastasia Rezhepp and Dmitry Kozitsky will share condensed experience in product prototyping, collecting user feedback, and idea validation - all done online.

Get Insights on:

  • workshops to align Product/UX ideas of multiple stakeholders, facilitate brainstorming, and shape your ideas into a visual form;
  • tips and tricks for conducting such workshops online and make them even more productive;
  • techniques and suggestions on how to receive user feedback about the Product/UX online;


Anastasia Rezhepp,
Head of Design at DataArt

Anastasia leads the dynamic DataArt Design Studio team of UX/UI specialists, 3/2D artists, and webmasters. She has vast hands-on experience in design, which allows her to be on the same page with both designers and clients. Anastasia has worked in various healthcare, travel, and financial projects, including several award-winning R&D apps. She is a sought-after spokesperson at industry events. She is also the author of several articles about design.

Dmitry Kozitsky,
Lead UX / UI Designer at DataArt

Dmitry has been working in User and Customer Experience Design since 2007. Certified by the Nielsen Norman Group as a UX Manager, Dmitry is dedicated to building smooth UX design processes in projects to deliver best value to end users and to satisfy business goals. During the initial stages of engagements, Dmitry facilitates onsite and online workshops with stakeholders and the product teams. Dmitry has worked in projects for such industries as Finance, Travel, and Retail & Distribution.

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