AWS Lake House Blueprint: Integrated Data & Analytics in Action

To continue from our previous virtual event on AWS data and analytics services, and in the spirit of “show, don’t tell”, we are inviting you to see the AWS Data Platform in action. During this hands-on demo of the Blueprint AWS Lake House accelerator built by DataArt, you will see how quick and easy it is to set up and deploy, and how you can start generating immediate value from your data, based on an industry use case example.

Watch DataArt and AWS to see AWS Lake House and integrated services in action:

  • Ingest data in minutes:
    Easy, fast, and secure data ingestion into the data lake without infrastructure management concerns
  • Querying data in the data lake:
    How to query data directly from ingested files in S3, without ETL transformations
  • Transform the data:
    Practical examples of serverless data transformations
  • Data governance:
    Using Lake Formation to implement access, security, data catalog, and data sharing
  • Data warehouse:
    Leverage your data in RedShift
  • Data visualization:
    Embedded visualization using QuickSight

Who Should Watch?

CIOs, CTOs, CDOs / Heads of Data, Enterprise Architects, Data Architects, Cloud Architects


Oleg Komissarov

Principal Consultant at DataArt, based in New York, USA

Alexey Utkin

Principal Solution Consultant at DataArt, based in London, UK

John Lucking

Principal Solutions Architect – Insurance, AWS

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar

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