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DataArt Becomes a Listed Open edX Service Partner

15 Juni 2020 | Press Release

DataArt, a global software engineering firm that designs, develops, and supports high-quality solutions, is now officially listed as a Service Partner of Open edX®, a known online learning platform provider, founded by Harvard and MIT in 2012.

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DataArt Partners with Financial Strides to Expand Security Solutions for Financial Services Firms

8 Juni 2020 | US | Press Release

NEW YORK, June 8, 2020 – DataArt, a global software engineering firm that designs, develops, and supports high-quality solutions, and Financial Strides, a fintech company that specializes in building innovative financial products, today announced a partnership to provide end-to-end solutions for businesses in the financial services industry.

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Enhancing the Mobile Artist Experience in Times of Crisis and Beyond

1 Juni 2020 | US | Media

In his guest post in HypeBot, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media & Entertainment at DataArt, explores how the challenges faced by the music industry as a result of the current crisis have inspired some artists and other industry players to find innovative ways to adapt and thrive.

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DataArt Joins BigCommerce Agency Partner Program

29 Mai 2020 | Press Release

New York, May 29, 2020 — DataArt, a global software engineering firm that designs, develops, and supports high-quality solutions, today announced that it has been named a BigCommerce Agency Partner, with more than 60,000 BigCommerce customers gaining access to DataArt’s technology development services.

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Mobile Applications: Common Vulnerabilities and Threats in 2020

29 Mai 2020 | US | Media

In Brilliance Security Magazine, Dmitry Vyrostkov, Head of Security at DataArt , discusses the key vulnerabilities that DataArt identified in iOS and Android mobile applications during numerous security assessments.

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Now is the Time for a Tech Check-up

19 Mai 2020 | US | Media

In a bylined article for iGaming Business, Russell Karp, VP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, looks at the halt of the gambling industry as an opportunity to re-evaluate, enhance and future-proof underlying technology and execute strategic initiatives.

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Maximizing the Value of Online Customers

14 Mai 2020 | US | Media

In iGB North America, Suren Azatayan, DataArt’s VP of Business Development, discusses how gambling operators can mitigate the impact of the global pandemic by building an engaging online presence.

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How Can Insurance Companies Benefit from Remote Workforces?

13 Mai 2020 | US | Media

In InsurTech Insights, DataArt’s experts, Denis Baranov and Peter Rakowsky, discuss how insurance companies can benefit from outsourcing.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Art & Science of Machine Learning & AI for Drug Discovery & Repurposing

8 Mai 2020 | US | Media

In Pharmaboardroom, Daniel Piekarz, SVP Healthcare and Life Sciences at DataArt, explores how machine learning and artificial intelligence can play into drug repurposing, potentially providing solutions to the most pressing healthcare concerns of today, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Why New Regulation will Mean Re-Examining the ToolBox

29 April 2020 | US | Media

In a bylined article for iGaming Business, Russell Karp, VP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, discusses the hurdles faced by the GB Gambling Commission with its responsible gambling initiative and shares his ideas on possible solutions.

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