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Could Gamification Improve Clinical Trials?

20 Juli 2020 | US | Media

Oracle Health Sciences blog explores the growing use of gamification in clinical trials, citing KidPRO, DataArt’s patient engagement solution prototype. A solution that helps make clinical trials participation more patient-centric, fun, interactive, and convenient, KidPRO helps to ensure higher engagement and patient retention.

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Sofa Mobility Report

20 Juli 2020 | UK | Media

In Towards Data Science, Igor Kaufman, an AI technology expert at DataArt, shares how he and his colleague built a mobility analytics prototype that helps to minimize exposure to COVID-19 by showing the level of crowdedness in city areas at various times.

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5 Lessons on Team Productivity Learned During Lockdown

16 Juli 2020 | UK | Media

In Business Digest Magazine, Julie Pelta, Director of Business Development at DataArt UK, discusses her experience of adapting the teamwork strategy during the coronavirus lockdown.

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2020 State of DevOps

15 Juli 2020 | Media

Kirill Semenov, Head of DevOps at DataArt, is quoted in the 2020 State of DevOps Report by Information Week that covers this year’s DevOps advancements and challenges.

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DataArt Releases White Paper on Information Technology in the Post-COVID Environment

8 Juli 2020 | US | News

New York, London, Munich, July 8, 2020 — DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, today released a white paper discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic will engender changes across almost every industry. Titled, “Brave New World”: Information Technology in the Post-COVID Environment, the white paper examines how information technology will be used to respond t

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DataArt Receives Yet Another Award for Its Educational Gaming Platform

2 Juli 2020 | Bulgaria | News

New York, London, Munich, Bulgaria, July 2, 2020 — DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions, announced today that it received an award for its educational gaming platform Skillotron at this year’s B2B Media Awards, in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 

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Best Day Makes Operations Efficient and Sustainable with Google Cloud

2 Juli 2020 | US | Media

Google Cloud posted a case study of Best Day on its website, describing the success of the Mexican tourism company achieved through migration to Google Cloud. The migration was planned and executed by DataArt. Benefits included 75% infrastructure cost reduction, stability, and new capabilities.

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The COVID Сrisis: Economic and Psychological Downturn

1 Juli 2020 | UK | Media

In Retailist Magazine, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, contemplates whether the COVID crisis will boost second-hand shopping.

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All Things VPN

29 Juni 2020 | US | Media

In Brilliance Security Magazine, Yaroslav Vorontsov, Software and Security Architect at DataArt, discusses the limitations of classical VPN services and the advantages of the new VPN solutions.

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The Role of Technologies in Reopening Land-Based Gaming Facilities

25 Juni 2020 | US | Media

In a bylined article for iGaming Business, Russell Karp, VP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, examines the measures that gaming facilities can put in place to reassure returning clients—and the role technology can play in supporting the change in customer behavior.

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