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Opportunities Abound As Sports Betting Hits The Mainstream

25 Dezember 2019 | Media

In US Betting Report, Russell Karp, VP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, discusses the changing attitudes and marketing practices around the evolving gambling ecosystems.

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DataArt und METRO Markets errichten gemeinsam den größten B2B Marktplatz in Europa

20 Dezember 2019 | DE | Press Release

New York, London, München, 20. Dezember 2019 – Die weltweit agierende Technologieberatung DataArt verkündete die erfolgreiche Partnerschaft mit METRO Markets und strebt danach, der größte Online-B2B-Marktplatz in Europa zu werden. METRO Markets ist eine Tochtergesellschaft der Metro AG, deutsches multinationales Großhandelsunternehmen und Lebensmittelspezialist.

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DataArt and METRO Markets Join Forces to Build the Largest B2B Online Marketplace in Europe

19 Dezember 2019 | US | Media

Financial IT Magazine picks up the announcement that DataArt partnered with METRO Markets, Metro AG’s technology-driven e-commerce venture, to provide a next- generation e-commerce ERP system.

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The Effects of Shortening Attention Spans on the Music Industry

15 Dezember 2019 | US | Media

In Music Business Registry, Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment at DataArt, discusses the causes of shortening attention spans and the consequences of such a shift on the music production and consumption patterns.

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DataArt Wins Global Tech Summit Technology Awards

13 Dezember 2019 | Bulgaria | Media
At the 2020 Global Tech Summit Technology Awards in Bulgaria, DataArt has been announced as the winner in a number of categories, including the main “Company of the year” award and the “Innovative solution of the year” award.
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DataArt Ranked the Fastest-Growing IT Company in Bulgaria

28 November 2019 | Bulgaria | Media
DataArt ranked the fastest-growing IT company in Bulgaria and second fastest-growing company across all sectors, according to the GEPARD’s annual ranking.
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Computer Says No?

7 November 2019 | Media

In IGaming Business Suren Azatyan, VP of Business Development at DataArt, shares his thoughts on what can technology offer us to improve the responsible gambling processes and make them safer, faster and more intelligent.

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UK Insurer Utilises Blockchain for Business Efficiencies

31 Oktober 2019 | Media

In Intelligent CIO Europe Maarten Ectors, Chief Innovation Officer at Legal & General, shares how the blockchain system — created by DataArt — enhanced L&G’s operations by enabling secure processes and transactions without the need for a third-party. This global-first solution has shifted the process for bulk pension risk transfe

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DataArt Releases White Paper on the Impact of AI in Extending Lifespan

31 Oktober 2019 | Press Release

New York, London, Munich, October 31, 2019 — DataArt, the global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions has today released a white paper on the topic of AI and aging. Crave new world: The impact of artificial intelligence on lifespan examines the state of play in biogerontology and warns about the possible ramifications.

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DataArt's White Paper About the Impact of AI in Extending Lifespan

29 Oktober 2019 | UK | Media

Supply Chain Times reports on DataArt’s release of its Impact of AI in Extending Lifespan white paper. Anton Dolgikh, Head of AI, DataArt Europe, emphasizes the importance of discussions around the implications of increased life expectancy. «The white...

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