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DataArt Partners with GroundScope to Create World-Class Cloud-Based Booking System

2 Dezember 2021 | US, UK, DACH | Press Release

New York, London, Munich, Zug< — December 2, 2021 — DataArt, a global software engineering firm, has partnered with GroundScope, a leading ground transportation booking platform. DataArt has made a significant contribution to GroundScope’s rapidly expanding business by providing sophisticated technical support to power the company’s booking business.

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How do Sportsbooks Act in Uncertain Times?

18 November 2021 | US | Media

iGB North America publishes an article by Russell Karp, Vice President, Media & Entertainment at DataArt, examining how the biggest US sportsbooks handle unexpected changes to events, with a deep dive into house rules. Karp recommends following their lead and compares the strategies of DraftKings, FanDuel,...

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DataArt Partners with Rappi Travel to Create App Consolidating Reward and Loyalty Programs in One Location

25 Oktober 2021 | US, LATAM | Press Release

New York, Buenos Aires — 25 October 2021 — DataArt, a global software engineering firm, today announced that it has partnered with Rappi, a leading on-demand delivery platform and the only native multi-vertical provider among competitors in Latin America.

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7 Secrets of Successful Vendor Negotiation

20 Oktober 2021 | UK | Media

CIO magazine quoted Dmitry Bagrov, DataArt UK’s managing director of software development, in an article on how to negotiate a vendor agreement in a way that turns a single transaction into a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership. The article shares seven powerful negotiation tips—many not widely known to CIOs—for sealing deals on terms that meet both operational and financial goals.

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NFT Security Concerns - Will Non-Fungible Tokens Survive the Hype?

18 Oktober 2021 | Media

NFT Culture published an article on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by DataArt’s media and entertainment practice with contributions from NFT experts Andrea Steuer, CCO and Director of CADAF & Digital Art Month, Elena Zavelev, CEO and Founder of CADAF & Digital Art Month, Joe Conyers III, EVP, Global Head of NFTs for, Maryna Rybakova, CEO at Artisfact Limited, and Sandy Khaund, Founder of Macrodemic, Entrepreneur, and Investor. The article examines what NFTs are, how they work,

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DataArt Announces IT Museum Website Dedicated to the History of Computer Technologies in the USSR and Eastern Europe

12 Oktober 2021 | US | Press Release

New York, London, Munich, Zug, October 12, 2021 — DataArt, a global software engineering firm, is pleased to announce the release of the English version of its IT Museum website, which is dedicated to the history of computer technologies in the USSR and Eastern Europe.

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Digital Transformation in Asset Management – Obstacles for Fund Administrators

11 Oktober 2021 | US | Media

The North American Edition of Fintech Futures published an article by Maureen Fitzpatrick, VP of business development at DataArt, on the obstacles faced by fund administrators in digital transformation.

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How to Know When to Abandon an Underperforming Cloud Provider

29 September 2021 | US | Media

Yuri Gubin, DataArt’s CIO, is quoted in an InformationWeek article, discussing some factors to consider when switching cloud providers.

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The Simple, Yet Complex Nature of Social Engineering

27 September 2021 | US | Media published an article by DataArt security consultant Andrey Barashkov on social engineering scams. The article explores why social engineering is so effective, why phishing scams are not as easy to execute as people often think, and why fraudsters don't just focus on phishing anymore.

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DataArt Acquires SFL, Strengthens Digital Engineering Capabilities

8 September 2021 | US | Press Release
New York, September 8, 2021 – DataArt, a global software engineering firm, today announced its acquisition of SFL, an Armenia-based software development company. The acquisition enhances DataArt’s capabilities in digital engineering and is part of the firm’s strategy to respond to rising demand for high-end engineering services across multiple markets.
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