Triometric is the UK-based provider of a sophisticated and renowned real-time business intelligence platform used by some of the biggest names in the online travel industry. Customers from the sector - including airlines, hotels, agencies, intermediary wholesalers as well as large blue chip enterprises - leverage Triometric’s innovative XML-based analytics to gain actionable insights to optimize operations and revenue opportunities.

Clients license Triometric’s core product - Web Services Analyzer - to monitor their web services and XML traffic.  Real-time dashboards and reports deliver critical insights to help business managers make profitable decisions and IT managers to improve system performance. The system’s ability to rapidly process live raw data to feed its highly customizable and powerful analytic engine provides Triometric clients an important competitive advantage.

Business Challenge

As the number of customer installations of Web Services Analyzer increased world-wide, Triometric needed to address challenges of scale related to site customization, distributed support and releasing software updates. To that end, Triometric assessed key business processes and identified three priorities in need of increased technical support and expertise to deliver solutions faster:

  • Create the capability to visualize the performance of remote customer installations of Web Service Analyzer
  • Streamline the process of writing custom data extraction procedures
  • Develop a tool to test and quality assure upgrades before deployment


Triometric chose the technical skills and resources of DataArt to collaborat on the design, development and implementation a suite of new productivity tools:

  • Web Services Analyzer Monitoring System. Triometric engineers now engage a real-time dashboard to monitor distributed instances of the Web Service Analyzer. After detecting a problem, the tool helps to minimize the time it takes to isolate the root cause and restore normal service.
  • XML Configuration Generator. As part of a customer deployment, Triometric product experts customize the Web Services Analyzer to capture XML data from target sources and extract the desired information for analysis, e.g. search and booking behavior. This tool simplifies the process of configuring the data extraction logic.
  • Continuous Integration (CI). DataArt implemented a set of comprehensive tests and established a testing framework and CI environment to ensure that any changes or updates that Triometric makes to  the Web Services Analyzer remain  compatible to ensure that the performance of the updated system is unimpaired.


Triometric’s partnership with DataArt has equipped the company to deliver new support services and thereby enhance customer satisfaction, streamline the time it takes to get a system set up in a client environment and simplify system maintenance.


Java, Jenkins, PL/SQL, Selenium


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