NetWatcher’s Cyber Security Solution

About the Client

NetWatcher’s vision is that every small and medium size enterprise should have access to the same cyber security protection that the Fortune 1000 has at their disposal. The NetWatcher team believes that cyber security protection should be easy to install, easy to use, easy to understand, highly accurate and affordable for any size organization.

Business Challenge

NetWatcher is a Security-as-a-Service platform that enables customers to have a cost-effective 24/7 security service monitoring their networks for vulnerabilities and exploits.

Many government and industry compliance requirements, and security best practices, outline the need for continuous monitoring, intrusion detection, active scanning, log monitoring, net-flow analysis, event management and endpoint integration.

NetWatcher enables customers to immediately deploy these services and take advantage of a fully staffed Security Operations Center (SOC). This means superior security that is easy to use, accurate and affordable.

The NetWatcher solution combines managed security services and open source tools into a single multi-tenant solution that is affordable to small and mid-sized businesses working in industries with compliance requirements.

Meeting the Challenge

DataArt’s team augmentation and engineering services have become a natural extension of the client’s expertise in the security arena. DataArt was engaged from the very beginning of the project starting from PoC to the production-ready solution.

It is divided into two major parts:

  • Hardware or software based station which builds into customer’s network and does actual monitoring, secure gathering and transport of statistics and to the rest of the system. There is also a cloud version of it, which enables remote usage of the product without direct installation and which can work almost on a plug-and-play basis
  • The centralized storage and analytics system, which enables the access to all the data, come from sensors. This system has two web applications:
    • Admin part provides control and access to the data for security analytics which conduct the service part of the business
    • Customer portal, which gives an access to the client’s about their network health and safety

Business Benefits

Engaging DataArt as an outsourcing partner helped the client:

  • To build a successful multi-tenant product within a reasonable time and budget
  • To gain development and IT support along the way from idea to production release
  • To get support and maintenance from the project team working on customer requests and issues
  • To decrease HR and recruitment overhead by having an ‘elastic’ offshore team by quick growing and reducing headcount of the engineers according to business needs. Elastic augmentation has saved some clients over 20% in headcount costs
  • To implement automated testing to decrease routine regression testing, which resulted in up to 25% savings of QA related activities.
«DataArt are a strategic partner of NetWatcher, their world class engineering services and deep security skills have helped us create the leading security as a service to small and mid-sized companies, NetWatcher.» — Stated Kenneth Shelton, Chief Technology Officer


Web stack

PHP, Yii framework, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript


C, Python, Go, OpenVPN, OpenVAS, Suricata, Sagan, rsyslog, CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes, OSSEC, pcap

QA Automation

Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, RestAssured, Maven, Hibernate, Jenkins CI, ReportNG, Allure


HubSpot, ZenDesk, ConnectWise, Authorize.Net, ActiveDirectory

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