Transport Management and Route Calculation System

The Client

The client is a leader in the online grocery market.

The Business Challenge

The client wanted to grow and expand on new territories. But the existing transport management and route calculation system was non-scalable. Calculating routes took 4 hours and the planners were forced to change routes manually. This resulted in poor service quality and revenue decline.

The client wanted to automate the route optimization process to save on delivery costs both for the client and customers. In addition, client needed a supplementary system to adjust routes quickly and easily (aka Finalization System) with map optimization for 5000+ simultaneous orders/ 300+ route display. Both systems had to be highly scalable to support future business growth.


DataArt creates an automated continuous route optimization system which increases in the number of orders processed without interruption per day. The system includes optimization and management features for delivery verification, costs calculations, and dynamic pricing.

In addition, the finalization system was developed to import route data from the Time and Delivery Cost Optimization System, allowing to change routes and see the impact of changes, as well as export finalized and approved routes to the ERP system. Logistics specialists can choose separate routes/orders, apply additional criteria, and recalculate routes with the help of the system.

Features (TMS)

  • Automated continuous route optimization.
  • Delivery verification and cost-of-sales calculation for the selected interval on the designated route.
  • Dynamic pricing to align demand for delivery intervals.
  • Flexible delivery wave scheduling.
  • Flexible cluster boundaries when deliveries are made to pick-up points.
  • Traveling salesman problem (TSP) solved by means of a proprietary genetic algorithm based on a distance matrix provided by a third party.

Features (Finalization System)

  • Complex UI with a drag-and-drop feature for map and info-panels.
  • Map optimization for 5000+simultaneous orders/ 300+ route display.
  • Route rendering.


Java 8


React.js (Frontend)







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