Trade Show Marketplace Payment Infrastructure with Stripe

About the Client

Alkeon is a unique software platform concentrated on connecting a global network of brands and buyers.

DataArt ensured a quick launch of the marketplace to the market
The solution allowed implementation of a subscription-based business model

With Stripe integration, costs were significantly reduced

compared to custom development of a similar solution

Stripe built-in features granted multiple options for the customers from day one

without any additional time invested in the development

Business Challenge

  • Easy creation of individual subscription plans and splitting the application fee with partners
  • Taxation and promotional codes
  • Seamless implementation of payments for end-users
  • The platform is the original recipient of all payments
  • Fast implementation with strict deadline


  • Recurrent payments support and fully featured subscriptions management
  • Cancelation, Upgrade/Downgrade, Change of payment methods
  • Customized checkout and other Stripe-hosted pages for each partner
  • Dynamic taxation based on the region
  • Bespoke partner management dashboard with multilevel hierarchy
  • Custom functionality for promotional codes and trial period management

Tech Stack

Tech Stack

Node.js, ReactJS, PostgreSQL


Stripe Services

Stripe Checkout, Stripe Connect, Stripe Subscriptions



Discovery: 2 weeks
Core Stripe Implementation: 4 weeks

Anticipated in the nearest future:
Development of extended payment features: 12 weeks


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Business Analyst, Solution Architect, Stripe Expert, 2 Engineers, PM, Manual QA

Thanks to DataArt’s successful partnership with Stripe, determined efforts and extensive expertise shown by DataArt’s Payment Competence, we built a strong professional relationship with the client that allowed us to quickly and effectively launch the product to the market.

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