Sales Boosting Platform​

The Client

An e-commerce company, which provides online stores with a new-generation web-system application to investigate customers’ and visitors’ behavior. Using this information, online merchants can offer the product according to the customer’s tastes and increase sales significantly.​

The Business Challenge

To create software that is intended to identify purchases and offer the customer similar or complementary merchandise. As well as create a system with a noticeable advantage over existing solutions in the market: a system that would not require complex integration or any global changes in source code.


DataArt created a solution that could analyze every aspect of CJM, from the first entrance, and help the client to customize offers and optimize search engine. Solution included search engine optimization, customization and advanced user activity tracking. We used offline activity as well as loyalty program data to create the best solution.


  • Offline discount cards feature (for customer profile)
  • Advanced search using ML
  • Tailored discounts using ML
  • User-friendly system which does not require any IT education or experience to be set up and used;​
  • Plug-in to easily mark which customer activities need to be tracked in relation to particular site elements ​
  • Easy integration
  • Relevant products recommendations using ML
  • Demand Forecasting Algorithm (which included over 200 factors such as weather, events, personal data, etc.)
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