Porsche Blockchain Ecosystem

About the Project

Porsche AG is a German automobile manufacturer specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs and sedans. The Porsche Next OI Competition offered its contestants a unique opportunity to develop an innovative app or groundbreaking service for Porsche. DataArt’s team developed a Porsche Blockchain Services Ecosystem to construct a seamlessly interconnected system. The project was shortlisted among the top 12 finalists.

Business Challenge

From connected cars and semi-autonomous functionality to expectations of commercially-available, self-driving vehicles and electrification, high-tech innovations, such as the Internet of Things, have taken the automotive sector by storm.

Connected cars account for an increasing percentage of vehicles on the road, but today the connected cars ecosystem faces a number of issues, including:

  • Lack of unified connected car services
  • Bureaucracy and communication overhead
  • Misinterpretation of the used car state
  • Unconnected loyalty programs
  • Individual payment options for each service
  • Weak integration with public infrastructure

Meeting the Challenge

After analyzing all the issues and pain points, DataArt’s team designed the architecture for the proposed Porsche Blockchain Services Ecosystem that encompassed the following key points:

Simple interaction between all participants

Essential car and service usage data

Token-based payments and loyalty points

Enhanced Security and GDPR compliance

DataArt Case Study: Porsche Blockchain Services Ecosystem

To showcase the proposed ecosystem in action, the smart insurance scenario was demonstrated with the following workflow:

DataArt Case Study: Porsche Blockchain Services Ecosystem

Business Benefits

The app developed by DataArt unites Porsche drivers, services and insurance companies in one transparent blockchain services ecosystem that showcases the best of Porsche’s traditional brand values.

The blockchain services ecosystem would dramatically reduce bureaucracy, securely accelerate transactions between all parties involved, save time on standard operating procedures, and eliminate mundane and repetitive functions. In addition, the solution gathers historical vehicle data to enable a data-driven business model in the future.

Values and opportunities of the proposed solution include:

  • Drive innovation
  • No competing solutions
  • Car owner loyalty
  • New revenue streams
  • Benefits for every participant
  • Extend Porsche partnership

The following business models can be considered to monetize the solution:

  • Subscription for car owners
  • Transaction fee for service providers
  • Raw datasets subscription
  • Analyzed data subscription



  • Ethereum Network
  • Unified Smart Contract Interface


  • Diagnostic API
  • Race API
  • Location API
  • Capabilities API

Used Information:

  • Odometer
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • location

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