Complete Set of Applications for a Major Music Label


The Client is one of the largest music companies in the world, managing some of the largest and most successful recording labels in the music industry, including a number of the most prominent global labels. Among other assets, the client also owns one of the largest music-publishing companies.

Business Challenge

In keeping with their software factory business model, the client tasked DataArt with revamping a number of their existing legacy solutions for sales performance related data.


Analysis and Reporting

case study: Complete Set of Applications for a Major Music Label
Figure1:Analysis and Reporting

DataArt’s team delivered a flawlessly crafted application that now forms the backbone of the client’s current enterprise system and has become one of the company’s major metric tools for artist managers and decision makers.

The application aggregates data from a wide range of external sources:

  • Metrics and data chart sources for sales-based performance tracking are aggregated from Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Vevo, MySpace and Spotify;
  • Social media tracking Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Last.FM;
case study: Complete Set of Applications for a Major Music Label

Tour Manager

Remodeling the legacy systems and adding the required functionality increased the overall productivity of the client’s managerial staff and introduced several convenient features.

The new solution automated the following business functions:

Tours and one-off show planning and publishing

Promo activities scheduling and approval

Ticket management

Artist activity planning

milestones, travel, vacations, sound checks, meetings

Tour Manager Mobile

Key features of the application include:

  • Push notifications with instant real-time updates visible to all managers.
  • Access to contacts address book and address book synchronization with the database.
  • Instant upload of important documents captured via the camera on the device.
case study: Complete Set of Applications for a Major Music Label

The solution made it possible for users to manually input, organize and analyze data for any specific customer and activity over any given period of time.

Key Features include:

  • Passive aggregation of touring revenue streams:
    • Touring
    • Merchandise
  • Passive Ticketing
  • Other Deals (endorsement/sponsorship, publishing, licensing).
  • Flash data for 90 days of artist activity
  • Accounting capture and payments reporting
  • Manual input and third party automatic data integration (Ticketmaster, ShoWare, AtVenue)
  • Analysis and visualization


Deployment of the solutions allowed the client to maintain a competitive advantage over rival companies and increase the number of artists currently managed by the company. Real time aggregation of all major third party data sources allows management to make business decisions based on actual statistical data instead of guesses and personal experience.











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