Telehealth AI Assistant

Based on recent advances of telemedicine and the strong evidence supporting its role, DataArt has developed a prototype of a telehealth platform that utilizes AI and further demonstrates the potential of telehealth solutions.

The Telehealth AI Assistant platform improves physicians’ productivity by allowing them to focus on crucially important information rather than spending time collecting trivial data or completing encounter reports. Service representatives process patient calls and gather required information with the help of AI. A conversation between the assistant and the patient is recorded and transcribed on-the-go using IBM Watson Speech-to-Text service and then is handled by Health Navigator’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine to estimate the patient’s acuity and identify chief complaints. This approach results in proper patient care, as high acuity patients can be handled bypassing the system, and a thorough decision support system provides relevant questions ensuring that a complete clinical picture is formed.

Once all the information is captured, depending on the acuity level, the call can be either transferred to the doctor or put into a callback queue. Storing all of the information and using HL7 encoding makes the encounter report and EHR integration easier, while the ability to replay the previous conversation with the patient ensures that nothing falls through the cracks.

Overall, patients using this solution benefit from every telehealth advantages (convenient and accessible care, cost savings, and personalized care), while doctors focus on their patients’ actual issues.

Alternative uses include an educational mode for personnel training and further system enhancement with diagnosis module available from Health Navigator.

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