Pills Adjutant

Staying on track with a treatment plan relies a lot on self-management. However, those who have to take medicine often find it difficult to recollect taking a dose at the right time, or even at all.

With Pills Adjutant medication adherence tool for iOS and Android, there is no need to remember. It helps you keep up with your medication schedule utilizing modern wearable devices, such as Apple Watch or similar for Android.

Once a prescription schedule is set up, either manually or according to a drug manufacturer’s preset description, you will be notified on your smartwatch when the next dose is due. Pills Adjutant allows postponing the alarm for each instance so you can get the alert later.

The World Health Organization considers medication adherence as a primary determinant of the effectiveness of treatment, leading to vital benefits for patients, such as enhanced patient safety and improved health. So do we think. Now, you need never to forget to take your medicine.

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