When a child has to be engaged in a clinical trial, traditional ePRO (Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome) systems are barely applicable, and seldom can be used without the external assistance of adults.

KidPRO changes the rules of the game.

Instead of a bulky application which no child would want (or manage) to interact with, it sets the focus on the children themselves, attempting to make their participation in a clinical trial a fun and rewarding process. The application combines pieces of professional medical software with gamification elements and a simple UI to make it appealing for children.

The data collected from trials should be accurate and precise as it is vital for discovering new treatments. Collecting data from medical devices by means of camera and computer vision technology ensures the Study Team receives comprehensive data, eliminates human error, and makes it even more engaging for children.

The rewards for adhering to the clinical trial protocol act as positive behavior support system, and application customization acts as a further aid to that goal. Even in cases where a parent and child work together using KidPRO, the user interface will make for a rewarding experience for both.

All information, captured by the application, is available to the doctors and Study Team for statistical analysis through their own applications.

For detailed information on the application and its capabilities please get in touch.

DataArt Case Study: KidPRO
DataArt Case Study: KidPRO
DataArt Case Study: KidPRO
DataArt Case Study: KidPRO
DataArt Case Study: KidPRO
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