Investigator Engagement Platform

Often times, study teams are formed to deliver complex clinical study projects with minimal face to face interactions. The Investigator Engagement Platform is aimed at strengthening the collaboration within and identity of such teams.

The platform enhances organizational productivity by providing investigators and site staff with a more centralized access point to clinical trial information. An interactive dashboard keeps track of study milestones and important KPIs, and organizes the calendar and issues reminders regarding important tasks. All information collected is available to the study team for inspection to make sure all trials are completed according to protocols and regulatory documentation.

Gamification is also used in the Platform’s Leaderboard module, which is a special rating scale for sites and a strong motivational tool to increase performance. Achieving study milestones on schedule while maintaining good KPIs awards additional points, and the best researchers are granted access to a dedicated area in which they can get additional information, invitations to events, educational materials, collaboration instruments, information about upcoming trials and the opportunity to offer their own ideas for a trial.

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