DataArt Case Study: Care Companion

Care Companion

For patients, keeping up with a special treatment plan and being educated about their illness is of vital importance. A new generation of applications encourages patients to take charge of their own health.

Care Companion is designed with multiple interfaces to fully engage patients of any age. The solution consists of two interconnected applications: one of which is designed for children and the other for parents. This means that all data captured on a child’s device is sent to and available on the parents’ devices.

The model helps the entire family keep up with treatment through education. Children are actively encouraged to follow every step and earn rewards for adhering to their treatment plans. Each step and an accompanying explanation is available with just a single tap. Parents can monitor a child’s recovery process and easily track data that is accurately captured with the help of digital devices. As parents receive information about their child’s illness, they also benefit from lifestyle recommendations. They can learn how to make their child’s life easier, help them adapt to new conditions and prevent events that could lead to a relapse. The application also stores information about the child’s doctor and provides the option to leave feedback. There is also a section that provides parents with information about the hospital, and its facilities as well as, contact details.

As an alternative to the child’s interface, the Care Companion concept can be applied to other categories of patients, including the elderly or people with disabilities - who require extra care. Patients can use this application while participating in clinical trials. It motivates users to take responsibility for their own care by empowering them with the right tools to take a more active role in making decisions about their own care.

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