Real-Time Trading Simulator


The client is a leading provider of innovative trading simulations for financial and educational institutions. Their main product is a simulation application that imitates the trading process between investment banks and hedge funds. The simulation complements teaching at universities and the training of new hires at banks.

Business Challenge

The challenge was to redesign and rebuild the existing product to reflect the fast paced evolution of trading solutions and mechanisms during the life of the existing solution. The new design also needed to be more easily scalable, to handle higher volumes at higher frequency.
DataArt was chosen as a trusted development partner with specialist knowledge in building applications and platforms for financial institutions, including prime brokers.

DataArt Case Study: Real-Time Trading Simulator


DataArt re-built the existing application into an advanced cloud-based web platform with flawless deployment, an improved user experience, and upgraded architecture.

The new product can now maintain much higher workloads, which ensures better simulation management, as well as increasing the number of potential by a factor of 10 (up to 1000 people). The simulations are based on real market data to give trainees the whole picture of the trading process, and allows them to employ a wide variety of strategies. Another important new feature is a live news tracker with price feeds for a defined set of instruments.

DataArt Case Study: Real-Time Trading Simulator


As a result of the project, the client was able to launch the leading trading education product on the market. Not only did this benefit the client’s business, it also greatly benefited the business of their clients who needed people trained in the most up to date trading methods on modern technologies.

DataArt Case Study: Real-Time Trading Simulator


Technology stack includes Java Play framework





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