Portfolio Analytics Platform: Cloud Migration and Optimization


The client is a global alternative asset management company.

The client lift-and-shifted its portfolio analytics platform from on-prem to Microsoft Azure. Despite the fact that the client historically had been using Microsoft Stack, the processes still needed further streamlining.

DataArt implemented the best practices for cloud development and migration to optimize the deployment process, monitoring strategy, and performance of the environment. This optimization allowed the client to cut costs for migration and hosting.

Business Challenge

  • System requirements changed very quickly. The client needed to satisfy users’ requiremnts instantly, so new features or customizations to existing functionality were to be released frequently and promptly.
  • There was no CI/CD environment in place. The deployment was performed manually, hence was prone to issues.


DataArt helped the client to develop a custom portfolio analytics platform to calculate the values of financial metrics and conduct their analysis.

Some of the platform’s benefits included:

  • Huge amount of portfolio calculations can be done overnight.
  • Azure cloud architecture enables virtual machines for calculations on-demand, which eliminates the need for on-premise servers.
  • Calculations can be done simultaneously, so they can take up to 10x less time than previously. This gives the client additional flexibility.

DataArt also helped the client to create an independent data layer for the platform, which allowed portfolio calculations to be done at anytime.

DataArt implemented a modern CI/CD approach with testing and version control.


Application and development process lifecycle adapted for Cloud

Cost optimization and highly increased application performance

Scalable architecture

The ability of the platform to make calculations for data from different sources

Calculations scheduling

Business Benefits

  • Reduced cost on infrastructure maintenance in the long term
  • A significant increase in the calculations volume
  • Subsequent reduction of administration costs due to the transition to Azure Cloud and Managed Services
  • Scalable architecture allows the business to grow along with the increasing number of portfolios
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