Financial Analytics Platform for Trading Startup


The client is an dynamic start-up in next-gen investment banking space, provides investment services, such as research, advise, and execution for investment managers and other financial institutions.


  • The modern data analytics and technology platform enables a team of quants, data scientists and financial analysts.
  • Platform allows to develop, run and evolve models for pricing, risk, investment strategies, trading algorithms, scenario analysis, portfolio analytics, market surveillance.
  • Data lake and multiple data pipelines managed automatically by a workflow engine.
  • Batch and a real-time data processing engine provides tools (BI, reporting, ad-hoc querying, notebooks) and APIs for accessing data and analytics for a wide range of user workloads.
  • Cloud-agnostic approach and microservices architecture, deployed in AWS.
  • Python and Scala, Spark and AWS Athena are used for data workloads.
  • The platform processes 30+ sources of market, fundamental, alternative financial data, 2TB+.

Client Benefits:

  • The platform is a core part of the client’s business as it improves the investment decision-making process.
  • The solution implemented made processing and analyzing data fast and error-proof.
  • Because the platform is cloud-agnostic, the client can easily license its technology to institutional investors, asset managers and other buy-side firms, which gives the additional opportunities for business growth.





Apache Airflow


Jupiter Notebook




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