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The client is one of the largest insurance and asset management providers with over eight thousand employees.


The client is increasingly relying on digital channels to market their services and wanted both their employees and employees of their clients to have a cohesive, cross-channel experience when accessing the client’s services. Furthermore, the company was looking for ways to expand its reach and brand presence among its target audiences.


However, the current state of the client’s front end technology hindered the ability to showcase their services to their employees and clients’ employees in one convenient digital space. Different services were provided through various web resources, and employees would learn about these services via emails with a collection of links, without any guarantee that these services are bookmarked or accessible. Even if services were available as mobile apps, the end-user would need to download and manage them separately.

The shortcomings of the status quo can be summarized as follows:

  • The inconvenience of accessing different resources through unique urls and inability to conceptualize the client’s employee offering as a whole.
  • Low use of employee-focused services due to the inconvenience of accessing these resources
  • Inefficiency, wasted resources, and duplicate infrastructure for creating stand-alone mobile apps for the client’s services.


DataArt and the client decided to build a mobile (and desktop) platform for employees to conveniently and securely access and manage all services made available to them by their employers. The platform would provide employees access to secured workplaces, where each workplace is managed by a particular employer and includes services that the employer has provided to their employees. The platform would bring current web services into a mobile interface. It would also streamline development, configuring and marketing of the client’s as well as the client’s clients’ and third party offerings to employees of the client, and employees of the client’s clients and partners. It was decided to build an aggregator platform to bring current services offered by the client and its partners to its employees together in a convenient mobile (and desktop) interface.

The platform was built by a team of six developers, four QAs, one architect, one business analyst, one DevOps engineer, and one project manager. The platform organizes existing services by converting responsive web apps into modern mobile apps, and structuring them in the following categories:

Wealth and Finance

Health & Wellbeing



Later Living

Currently, the platform provides a mobile workplace benefits experience to the client’s employees through the client workspace that includes the client’s employee benefits such as pension, salary finance, as well as third party services such as gym discounts, family care, flexi savings and more. Additional services, such as investment products, and life insurance, can be added easily as the platform evolves. Workspaces can be created, and services within them can be added to the mobile platform within minutes, provided there is an existing web resource for the service.

This platform will soon be also available to the client’s clients and their employees. For instance, if a client’s client company holds an insurance policy with the client, the client can simply create a private workspace within the platform and pass all the admin functions for the workspace to the client company.

The company can then provide the benefits of the client’s policy to their employees as one of their services and add any other services the company decides to make available to their employees. It could include client company services, the client’s services, and third party services.

Each employer can have their own workspace, which contains the services the employer has made available for their employees. These workspaces are secured and can only be accessed by designated employees.

Finally, the platform is available to a wider population and can be downloaded from the apple store and play store free of charge in the UK (and soon in the USA).

To access the platform, the user needs to login to the app itself. This enables the user to access all the services contained within their public workspace and access the messaging capability of the app. To access the private services offered by an employer, the user also needs to log into their employers’ private workspace. The user can register with a social account or personal email, and the account will stay with them even if they change or leave jobs.

Users can login to the app with biometrics, and access many services with Single Sign-on — employees can login to the system with their work email and access individual services without typing in their credentials every time. The services use the credentials stored from the first login.

No personal data is stored on the platform itself, and no personal data could be lost or stolen in the event of an attack.


Benefits to the client as an employer

  • Helps employers take care of their employees’ financial, physical and mental wellbeing by ensuring that all employees at all times have convenient access to all services employers made available to them in one place.
  • Saves time and cost of developing mobile applications for existing web services, because an existing service can be simply plugged into a convenient and marketable mobile interface in a matter of minutes.
  • Provides the client with a direct communications channel with end users, and improved engagement through targeted calls to action via nudges and other MicroActs.

Benefits to the client as a business

By providing a ready-made, easy-to-use mobile platform to other companies and by offering the client’s services as an optional service on that platform, the client can increase market share and gain new customers.

  • Increased revenues per customer through targeted cross-selling and upselling within the platform.
  • A deeper understanding of users of the client’s services by gathering and aggregating data from them via digital apps.

Benefits to end-users

  • Users can consolidate the management of many areas of life, such as employee benefits, personal investments, retirement benefits, and life insurance, into one, easily accessible place, simplifying the complex, hard-to manage tasks.
  • Users can interact with the client through their channel of choice in a seamless, consistent, and synchronized manner.

Solution Highlights

The creation of the aggregator platform was a major step for the client in developing a fully digital relationship with its customers.

Initially developed as a workplace benefits mobile platform for employees, the platform can be used for marketing, cross-selling, and up-selling various services of the client, for expanding the client’s reach and brand presence, and for making the client a provider of choice across many users of the platform.


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