Digitalization transitions how a business engages with internal and external clients. What in the past might have been personal or manual becomes an interaction with a web page or app.

The difficulty of transitioning to digital is often underestimated. Your clients no longer have salespeople and reps to guide them and help them understand how you can help. With digitalization, all you have is an app or website. It takes skill to build these well.

Our professionals have these skills. We have the domain knowledge to understand your objectives and offer useful advice. We have the technical and design skills to make your on-line offering flow. In short, we can help you give your clients a comprehensive yet comfortable digital experience.

On-Line Banking Challenge:

A large UK bank wanted to improve its on-line offering across several lines of business: institutional banking, commercial banking and private banking. While on-line portals for many functions existed, they were cumbersome, incomplete and difficult to manage. They were not a great experience for either clients or internal users.


DataArt implemented a digital banking platform incorporating a mixture of services, components and integrated technologies featuring the latest technology best-practices.

A key objective was to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty levels by:

  • Simplifying applications and submissions workflow.
  • Introducing better visual and more user-friendly interfaces.
  • Adding customer-tailored functionality, such as search.
  • Compared to modern data management implementations, most legacy data architectures perform slower, have a higher cost of ownership and have weaker security.

The project also included organizing a team to demonstrate the platform to business stakeholders to help them understand its potential so they could most efficiently exploit it.


  • Improved customer experience on many interactions, e.g., quicker loan enquiry responses.
  • IT savings by eliminating duplicate applications performing similar tasks.
  • Re-architected platform provides quicker time to market for new functionality.
  • Substantially reduced operations costs due to lower error rates.

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